Alfred Rich

Al Rich CRPC®

Founder and Wealth Advisor

Everyone deserves financial confidence. I seek to provide relief from financial stress by helping people identify where they want to go in life and giving them a roadmap to get there. I do that every day as a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor™ (CRPC®) and LPL Financial Advisor.

After 10 years in law enforcement, I found that money can stress anyone, whether wealthy or not so wealthy. I later discovered that what most people lack is a purpose behind what money is doing or can do for them. I became a financial advisor to help clients identify what they’re growing and preserving their money for. Whether it’s a dream retirement, a college fund, to leave a legacy or another goal, I'm dedicated to helping my clients understand what they want to work toward achieving and guiding them along the path to financial confidence.

It's not about your money, it's about you. The wealth you either are accumulating or will accumulate is simply a tool so that you can live your life. I aim to help you worry about the money less so you can live your life more through careful planning and a clear investment process.